You can increase your chances on the first date or get closer to your work colleagues by ordering the same food. This seems to be the conclusion of the recently published research.

Not long ago, researchers have shown that laughing at the same jokes is like “social glue” and is effective at helping to establish a good relationship. New research published shows that food plays a similar role. During the first experiment, researchers have randomly paired individuals and have made them do investments in each other by playing an investment game, thereby measuring trust. To some pairs, they have given the same candy, to the second group of pairs they have given different candy, and to control group no candy was given at all. The experiment has shown that highest level of trust develops between pairs that have been eating the same sweets.

During the second experiment, researchers made their objective to confirm that same food is indeed causing an increase in the level of trust. This time, they used a different method. Pairs were not co-operating on this occasion but instead playing against each other. Some pairs were given same food and others were given different type. Results were even more impressive- pairs with the same food were getting the deal done twice as quick as those who didn’t have the same food.

What’s the conclusion? Science research just backed up on what we intuitively know already – having the same interests, sharing the same type of jokes, listening to the same type music can make us closer to someone. Now you have one more way to manipulate someone subconsciously. You wouldn’t do that, would you?